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In Office Counseling Services:
Individual Therapy:   $110.00 per 50-minute session
Marital/ Couple Therapy: $110.00 per 50 minute session
Family Therapy                $110 per 50 minute session
EMDR:     $110.00 per hour
Group Psychotherapy:      $45.00 per 90 minute session

Online Counseling Services:          
Email session:                    $25.00 per e-mail exchange
       (1 email received and 1 email response)
Individual chat session:      $110.00 per 50 minute session
Marital/ Couple chat session: $110 per 50 minute session
Family chat session              $110 per 50 minute session

Other Services:
Clinical Supervision:           $110.00 per hour
Consultation Services:        $110.00 per hour
Training, Speaking:             $500.00 per half day
                                        $1,000 full day
Workshops:               will be announced as scheduled

Serene accepts payment via cash, check, and credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover).

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